Case Study - UnidosUS

CitySoft's flexible Community Enterprise software platform has supported UnidosUS' (formerly National Council of La Raza) affordable housing efforts for over a decade.

Online Applications

UnidosUS' Learning Alliance has managed over 23,000 submissions to over 500 separate online applications over 14 years through CitySoft's platform.  These applications cover a wide range of eLearning activities and scholarships focused on housing for underserved communities.

E-learning Event Registration

UnidosUs' Learning Alliance has also managed over 20,000 event registrations to more than 800 events and webinars related to affordable housing since 2007.  These events 

CitySoft's low cost and policy of charging no additional transaction fees have allowed UnidosUS to realize enormous savings relative to other event registration alternatives.  In keeping with CitySoft's mission, these savings allow UnidosUS to focus more of its resources on mission activities rather than paying for over-priced technology.

Document / Report Management Portal

UnidosUS' Housing and Financial Empowerment group has used CitySoft's platform to manage the time consuming and complex process of managing compliance reporting for it's extensive network of community partners and grantees. Through CitySoft's platform, a wide variety of UnidosUS' community partner organizations can log in to a partner portal and upload reports of many different types and formats.  They can see and manage a full history of past reports.  And UnidosUS staff can search, access, and report on the compliance documents uploaded by its community partners.  Over many years of usage, UnidosUS' partner organizations have uploaded over 30,000 reporting files through CitySoft's Community Enterprise platform.

Unlike most online software platforms, CitySoft does not base fees on logins or usage.  We charge a low flat rate for all modules.  So, UnidosUS does not face any price increases as more partners login to use the portal and as overall usage increases.

Problems Solved - Money Saved

With CitySoft's platform tools mentioned above, and others, UnidosUS is able to efficiently manage high volume, complex activities of a large organization - and it's many partners and constituents - at a low cost.  The extensive fees that they save relative to other platforms can be directed back into the more important work of supporting affordable housing nationally.