Case Study - Appraisers Association of America

"Community Enterprise gives our team one place to manage our website needs: database, membership, events, programs, applications, donations, emails, etc. at a very affordable price. They provide immediate support and attend to all issues and/or questions promptly." 

- Linda Selvin, Executive Director, Appraisers Association of America

With CitySoft's Community Enterprise software, the Appraisers Association of America (AAA) has consolidated many disconnected processes into one unified platform with great success at low cost over many years.  Cost savings are realized not only by the low cost of CitySoft's platform and the efficiencies of unifying data and processes that were formerly distributed among multiple software applications. In addition, because CitySoft does not add any ecommerce transaction fees (as most comparable platforms do), AAA saves money on every one of the tens of thousands of ecommerce transactions run through the platform.


AAA uses CitySoft's platform for a wide range of online ecommerce, including membership, event registration, donations, store purchases, and online applications.  With all transactions going through one platform, AAA can easily see and better understand their members and users full range of financial activity in the organization.

Website (Including Members Only)

With CitySoft's platform, the Appraisers Association manages its website and password protected members only pages and content in addition to the platform's CRM and ecommerce features.  Very often, websites are disconnected from an organization's database and ecommerce applications causing unnecessary complexity, expense, and security vulnerabilities.  By unifying its website and membership management on one platform, for example, AAA can easily offer member pricing on it's website for events and store items.  With more distributed technology, the cost, integration, support, and maintenance to accomplish this interaction can be prohibitive.

Member Search (Find-An-Appraiser) with Google Maps Integration

CitySoft's built in integration with Google Maps allows the Appraisers Association to provide extra benefit to their members and users in search of appraisers.  In addition to allowing searching across a wide range of appraiser specialties and certifications, our platform's Google Maps integration allows users to find appraisers close to them.  That is, users searching the database can see which appraisers are closest to them and can set mileage threshholds for results (e.g. members within 10 miles).

Email Newsletters

The Appraisers Association communicates regularly by email with its membership, prospects, and wider community. CitySoft's Email module allows the Appraisers Association to send out email messages (such as newsletters) to segmented lists of contacts and members, similar to email platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact.  But, unlike those platforms that are distinct from an organization's core database, with CitySoft's platform, AAA can send out email blasts, track metrics and then recipients can update their email addresses and other data within the organization's core database.  Gone are the days of having separate data silos (a member database and email database) for constituent data.

Member Database Management

CitySoft's extensive membership functionality enables AAA to:


The Appraisers Association also receives and manages online and offline donations in CitySoft's built in Donations module.  With this donation functionlity, AAA can:

Event Registration

As an organization that manages dozens of events per year, from educational events to conferences, the Appraisers Association uses CitySoft's platform to:

Application Forms - Paid and Unpaid

CitySoft's form builder provides AAA with the ability to create multiple, custom online forms (with ecommerce) for a wide range of needs.  Users and members use these online forms and applications can apply for internships, join programs, and apply for scholarships, and more.  And, AAA's team can easily review, manage, approve, reject and report on the submitted forms and applications, making internal program management easy and faster.

Online Store

The Appraisers Association sells a variety of products on their website - from educational guides to course materials to raffle tickets - within the online store provided by CitySoft's platform. 

Groups and Organizations

In addition to managing individual members and contacts within CitySoft's database, the Appraisers Association also uses the Community Enterprise platform to manage Organizations and Groups, and the contacts within them.  That is, with Community Enterprise, it's easy to track all of the groups - advisory boards, support groups, interest groups, management groups, committees, and more - related to your organization.  Similarly, AAA can track organizations, and the members and contacts within them, from within our platform.