Case Study - Document Management at Acelero Learning and Shine Early Learning

Acelero Learning and a related company, Shine Early Learning, provide management, support, and educational services within the field of early childhood learning and Head Start.  Both companies make extensive use of the Document management capabilities of CitySoft's Community Enterprise platform.

These companies provided documents to internal employees based in multiple locations and child learning centers as well as to partner and client organizations around the country.  The documents are password protected and can be accessed via searching and browsing in multiple different user interfaces provided by CitySoft for document discovery.

Using CitySoft's role and content type features, documents can also be made available (or not) to users based on their access roles within the platform.  And, with the ability to categorize and tag documents in multiple different ways, users can find needed resources based on topics, sub-topics, document types, and keywords as needed.

Because of CitySoft's low, flat rate pricing, these companies can allow literally hundreds and thousands of separate logins without any increase in pricing.  This approach stands in stark contrast to platforms that charge tiered fees based on login accounts or other usage and capacity thresholds.  With CitySoft, those kinds of sneaky pricing strategies are never a worry.