CitySoft is an Internet software company that has one goal - to provide the most affordable, easy-to-use, web-based software possible.  CitySoft's Community Enterprise™ software platform is enterprise software - software that runs organizations - that enables clients to increase revenues, reduces costs, and vastly improve efficiency.  Community Enterprise includes over 15 different modules for managing membership, website content, contacts, communications, events, finances, communities, and much more.

CitySoft has developed Community Enterprise from the ground up based on the needs, comments, and feedback of thousands of clients and users.  Community Enterprise is provided primarily to social sector organizations such as associations, nonprofit organizations and government and educational institutions.

By using Community Enterprise, you are able to manage your organization’s membership base, online content, and ongoing activities.  CitySoft understands that social sector organizations are sometimes constrained by limited budgets as well as the level of volunteers’ time to learn complex software applications.  That’s why we have created a suite of products that are extremely affordable and easy to use.

Started in 1996, CitySoft is one of the oldest and most experienced online software providers serving the social sector.  CitySoft investors include Esther Dyson, Mitch Kapor, Sustainable Jobs Fund, Calvert Group, Coastal Enterprises, Meridian Management Group and New York Community Investment Corporation.