Open Source Software (OSS) Comparison

Community Enterprise is an open source product that is leading the way towards "managed open source" that combines the innovations of open source with the stability and upgradeability of traditional software.  Community Enterprise has many advantages over other open source software, including the following:

  • Fully Featured – CE has many more features and benefits than comparable open source software (OSS).
  • Upgradeable – While almost all Open Source projects are ultimately customized or "forked," CE’s was built for easy manageability and upgradeability without compromising core code integrity.  CE clients are never trapped on a “Code Island.”
  • Open Source Code – CE matches the core innovation of traditional OSS – access to system code and a community of developers.
  • Better Design Integration – CE’s visual design API enables more visual design flexibility and features than traditionally rigid open source solutions.
  • Lower Cost – CE’s “Total Cost of Ownership” is much lower than OSS solutions that require extensive customization, finishing, maintenance of non-upgradeable “forked” code, and over-reliance on original developer.
  • Well Documented – Unlike most OSS, CE is well documented.

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