Southwest. Vonage. Skype.  These companies and others like them changed the world by challenging conventional wisdom and offering great products at low prices.  CitySoft is doing the same by offering great enterprise software at prices dramatically lower than competitors.

Enterprise software – software that runs organizations – does not have to be expensive.  The obscenely high prices that most clients pay for enterprise software engagements often go to pay for expensive consultants, bloated staffs, excessive overhead, greedy investors, and custom development.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

CitySoft's strategy is to be the best at one thing - providing high quality softwareto social sector organizationsat the lowest possible price.  To do this, we focus exclusively on software development and we partner with professional services providers for all services work (from visual design to training to consulting).  As a result we can offer the lowest software prices on the market while enabling clients to work with fantastic and affordable professional services and design firms for those aspects of their implementations.