Email Newsletter


The Community Enterprise email module allows clients to sent HTML or plain text emails to lists of contacts, constituents, members, and more.  List management features allow easy segmentation and targeting of constituent groups. Campaign metrics provide feeback about sends, opens, click thrus, bounce backs, and more.

Email Newsletter | CitySoft


  • Public users can subscribe, unsubscribe, and update their profile and preferences online
  • Add, edit, or delete emails in HTML and text formats for distribution to contact lists
  • Add, edit, or delete contact lists for distribution of HTML and text emails
  • List management enables administrators to manage and target multiple recipient lists
  • Email lists integrate smoothly into overall Contact module for fully featured contact management
  • Scheduling module allows scheduled sending
  • Reporting system tracks a wide range of newsletter metrics such as opens and click-thrus
  • Premium deliverability service maximizes campaign deliverability

Email Newsletter | CitySoft