CitySoft Story

CitySoft was started in 1996 making it one of the oldest and most experienced Internet firms serving the social sector.

Founded by activist and entrepreneur Nick Gleason, CitySoft's initial focus was building web sites and hiring employees from lower income neighborhoods.  Widely recognized as a leader in the field of social entrepreneurship, CitySoft grew rapidly to include offices in Boston, New York, and Baltimore and employed dozens of residents of lower income neighborhoods.  By building a profitable Internet services firm while hiring from low income areas, CitySoft challenged conventional wisdom regarding the potential for economic development and high wage jobs.

When the market for web sites changed at the end of the Internet bubble, CitySoft evolved by building a web-based software platform - Community Enterprise - and providing it to social sector organizations.  Reflecting the needs of its clients, Community Enterprise is affordable, easy-to-use, and open source.  CitySoft, along with its wide range of professional services partners, is focused on providing the best enterprise platform possible to social sector organizations.