There are several different ways that clients access support for CE.

Technical Support (Hosting, Infrastructure, Bugs)
CitySoft provides technical infrastructure support 24 x 7 for all CE deployments that we host.  This means that if you have a Subscription License or regular hosting agreement with CitySoft, we provide technical support services such as monitoring, network up-time, application up time, automatic patch and upgrades in the case of Subscription License clients, and so forth.  With CitySoft, you will never have to worry about the CE hosting and upgrade infrastructure.

Subscription License clients can also report bugs which CitySoft will fix and patch at no charge to the client.  Bugs are defined as features that do not work as they were designed to work.  Donation recipients who have hosting only agreements (rather than a Subscription License) do not get automatic bug fixes (although they can receive fixes that are done for other clients).

Free Email Support
CitySoft provides free email support for Subscription License and Purchase Licence clients.

Free User Training / Support
CitySoft provides free support through our:

  • Client Support Portal
  • Online Support Forums
  • CE Documentation

The support forums are accessible through the Client Portal and are available to all CE clients and donation recipients.  If you are a CE client or donation recipient and you don't have a login to the support portal, you can contact us and we will provide you with a login.

Paid User Training / Support
CE clients and donation recipients can access paid training and support in person or by phone through CitySoft and/or CitySoft's CE consulting partners.  A list of featured partners is provided on our web site and more are available upon request.  It is typical when conducting a CE implementation to hire one or more consultants to provide you with the various implementation services that you will need, including in person training and user support.