Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does CitySoft's hosting offer backups and recovery?

Yes.  CitySoft provides nightly backups of both database and application data.

Does CitySoft's hosting require a long term contract?

No.  CitySoft hosting is month to month.

If I have a CE Subscription License, does hosting cost extra?

No. CitySoft hosting is included in the CE Subscription License.  Hosting is only offered as a stand alone service to CE Purchase License clients and donation recipients.

Some hosting companies are very cheap.  Why are CitySoft's rates higher?

CitySoft's rates tend to be in the mid-range of what is available.  CitySoft's rates reflect a premium level of expertise, service, and performance that is not available from high volume, low cost providers.  CitySoft only hosts the CE application and provides more expertise than any other host in that area.  CitySoft provides a number of related services tailored to support CE such as server security and email deliverability and email bounce management.  With a high volume, low cost host, you will have no expertise to configure and maintain CE.  And, you will be crowded into servers with the maximum number of other clients which leads to slower overall performance.  For more information on the benefits of hosting CE with CitySoft, please see our main hosting page.