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Whether you are recruiting new members or closing deals, CitySoft provides sales CRM tools to meet your needs. 

With our Prospects module, you can track leads and prospects distinct from other contacts.  And, with our Opportunities module, you can create and track new deals and other opportunities through a sequence of deal stages.

Prospects can be specified by an administrator or flagged directly from a custom prospect or contact form that can be displayed on the website.  With our database tools you can track a wide variety of communications, activities and other data related to prospects and their relationships to deals and organizations.

CitySoft's Opportunities module can be used to track traditional sales. In addition, you can track any other kind of deal such as grants, partnerships, in-kind donations, and more.  Opportunities are grouped and displayed by stages.  And, all communications and activities related to each opportunity are tracked and displayed on the same screen for easy usability.