Looking for an efficient way to track time for your organization? Look no further than Community Enterprise's Time Tracker! Whether you're managing volunteers, employees, contractors, or any other type of user, our platform makes it easy to track time in a variety of ways.

With our Time Tracking feature, you can track time by date, using start and end times or hours and minutes. This flexibility allows you to choose the method that works best for your team's needs. Plus, you can specify specific projects and tasks for time entries, making it simple to track time spent on different activities.

In addition to tracking time, you can also add detailed descriptions for each entry. This feature is especially useful for tracking volunteer activities, as it allows you to keep a record of the tasks completed and the impact they had on your organization.

Best of all, the Time Tracker is part of the overall CRM platform making it easy to manage all your data in one place. Combined with other volunteer management features in our software, our Time Tracker provides a comprehensive solution for tracking volunteer activities within your organization and network. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual time tracking or third-party apps that aren't integrated into your CRM and try our Time Tracker!