Over the years while building our large software platform, we often focused on function over form.  Too often the result was functionality that worked but did not look as nice as it should.

Fortunately, the user interface (UI) is catching up with the features.  We have spent more time in recent months improving the Community Enteprise UI and the work is paying off.  Many of these changes are on the administrative side of the system, where content and data is managed.  We have added many new icons, graphics and inline support documentation and tips to help users navigate the system's many features.

We have also streamlined many features.  For instance, a web page can now be created in one step instead of three.  And, a document can be added to the system from within the web editor link tool (to make it easier to upload and link to a document while creating a web page.

We have also added a lot of contemporary design and UI elements to our free web site themes.  These can be seen in our theme library.

The work continues but the good news is that the admin UI is now sleak and contemporary.