CitySoft has added several new features to the Articles module that are worth noting here.

History and Rollback
The articles module now includes both History and Rollback features (as pictured).  The means that each time an article is added or edited over time, all versions of the article are saved in the database.  The older versions can be viewed from the article history screen.  And, at an time an administrator can "roll back" an older version of the article and make it the current version.  This history and rollback functionality also exists in the Pages module and with page sections.  These features will be added to more modules in the future.

Although extensive caching already exists in Community Enterprise, we have recently added some new caching features to the Articles module.  With this new functionality, articles are stored in cached versions on the server.  These articles can be retrieved and displayed more quickly than in the past, improving client and user performance.