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Here at CitySoft HQ, we get pretty excited about software upgrades.  Today is exciting because we are announcing a big upgrade to our web editor (pictured at left) and file manager (pictured at right).  Both of these components are very important parts of our platform and both are licensed from one of the best web software companies around - CK Source.

In case you aren't familiar with web software jargon, the web editor (at left) is for editing web pages, articles and emails within our platform.  And, the the file manager (at right) is for uploading and managing images that are used within web pages.  We've used the CK Source web editor for years, but are excited to have their very latest version built into our platform.  Furthermore, this is the first time we've included the CK Source file manager in our platform.

You can learn more about CKSource here.

You can learn more about CKEditor here.

You can learn more about CKFinder here.