Philosophy is a funny word to use about software pricing.  But, it may be fitting in this case.  Stated simply, we ideally want anyone to be able to use the software who wants to.  If you think our software is a good fit with your needs, we want to make it as available as we can.  And we don't want anyone to be excluded unnecessarily because of a price that is beyond their means.

To accomplish this, we recommend prices for various sized organizations, based on our expectations about how expensive it will be to support them. But we ultimately leave it up to you.  It's more of an honor system approach that asks clients to pay what they think is a fair price that will benefit both sides.  Everyone needs to be a winner in order to build a good, long term relationship.

Software does not need to be expensive in most cases.  But, for many reasons, often the wrong reasons, it is.  CitySoft is trying to do things differently.  You can see all the details on our pricing page.