Pages Module (Content Management)


CitySoft's Pages module (pictured below) is a primary component of the Content Management system within the platform. With this module, you can easily create and maintain web sites and pages without technical skills.

Content Management | CitySoft

Features include:

  • Easy to use wizard for creating pages
  • Graphical Site Map of pages in the system
  • Layout templates allow users to store and reuse page layouts
  • HTML templates allow users to store and reuse HTML code
  • Web editor allows non-technical users to create web pages or technical users to create HTML
  • Articles module for easily publishing articles and news releases
  • Powerful and flexible website search engine makes your content easy to find
  • Channels that allow non-technical users to integrate a wide range of forms, interfaces, and other dynamic content (e.g. a calendar of events) into web pages
  • Workflow feature that enables distributed, approval-based publishing
  • Scheduled publishing and expiration of pages
  • Styles management that allows styles to be created and used in web pages