Reporting & Analytics

With the Community Enterprise™ Report module, users can create and manage custom queries of virtually all system data from contact, donation, event records, and much more. And the Report module also provides built in traffic and usage reporting that allows you to view specifics of page views, document downloads, and search criteria over multiple time periods.

Reports | CitySoft


  • Custom report builder in 4-step wizard
  • Report types allow you to select from numerous pre-set types of reports like "Contacts," "Donations," "Event Registrants" and more
  • Query filtering that allows you to create complex queries against contacts and other data
  • Save reports for later usage
  • Export reports to other areas of system or to spreadsheet format
  • Email newsletters and other material to report contacts

Traffic and usage reporting features include:

  • Page views by site
  • Document views by site
  • Date range settings for reporting
  • Page view details
  • Reports on user searches