Multi-Site Management


With CE’s Sites module, users can easily set up multiple, fully-featured web sites that can share information. This functionality is perfect for organizations that have a number of distributed offices, affiliates, member organizations, chapters, or initiatives that require separate sites.

Multi-Site Management | CitySoft


  • Add, manage, delete sites
  • Assign sites to be public or private
  • Create separate designs for each site within the system
  • Allow one central administrator to manage multiple sites
  • Allow distributed administrators to manage individual sites
  • Include or exclude different modules from sites
  • Use different domain names per site or one domain for multiple sites


Many CE clients use the Mulit-Site module to manage offices, affiliates, intranets, and so forth.  The following example shows how one client - the International Health Racquet and Sporsclub Association - manages multiple sites through Community Enterprise.  Sites include: