Contact / Member Search


With the Contact Search module, you can easily create public or private search forms on your site that allow site users to search your database for members or other contacts.

Solves the Following Problem

This module solves the problem of how to set up custom member search forms without customizing the system.  More specifically, after working with member-oriented organizations over the years we found that many clients wanted “Search For Members” types of search forms on their web sites or in the members-only online areas.  However, there were almost always differences from one client to another regarding which fields were searchable, how the form was set up, what information would show in the search results, and so forth.  Moreover, setting up these different search forms for clients frequently caused us to create customizations within the system code which would make it difficult to do clean upgrades.  So, we created a module that allows non-technical clients to setup their own search forms and manage the results.

Contact Search | CitySoft


  • Select which contact or member records will be included in search
  • Select which fields will be included in search form
  • Select which fields will be included in results page
  • Select which fields will be included in results detail page
  • Order fields in search and results screens
  • Enable email results feature to allow users to send emails to search results
  • Customize pages titles and text