Organization Management


With CE’s Organizations Management module, you can keep track of all your organization records (companies, non-profits, churches, government agencies) in one place online that is accessible to anyone with a browser and access permissions.

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  • Add, edit, or remove organization records in the database.
  • Search and list organizations by name, type and site.
  • Custom forms and fields allow you to create custom organization forms to track different information for different types of organizations (prospects, clients, companies, non-profits, etc.).
  • Organization membership features allow organizations to join and renew online.
  • Automated email reminders send custom renewal notices periodically before and after membership expiration dates.
  • View data associated with organizations such as contacts, activities, donations, memberships, and more.
  • Web features allow organizations in your database to upload documents (e.g. reports, contracts, etc.) directly to their records in your database.
  • Organization activities allow you to record and view all communications and interactions with organizations in your database.