Community Enterprise Demo Videos

Overview Demo

The CE overview demo provides a brief overview of the platform with a look at multiple modules.

Web Page Demos

The Pages module is the core of our fully featured website content management system. You can easily create and manage one or more websites from a single login. Web pages can be public or password protected. Free mobile-responsive website themes are available as well.

Contacts Module Demos

The Contacts module stores and displays individual contact records and is the core of most CRM implementations. Contact profiles centralize all data related to individual contacts in easy to use displays.

Organizations Module Demos

The Organizations module is a database for organization records within the platform. Organization records include custom fields and custom forms and can be linked to contacts, donations, memberships and other data.

Groups Module Demos

The Groups module provides functionality to create and manage groups of contacts (such as committees, advisory groups, support groups, and more) within the database. Groups sync with Email module lists for easy group communications.

Households Module Demos

The Households module provides a database of household data within the platform. This includes links to household members and other data such as donations.

Events Module Demos

The Events module provides robust event calendaring, registration and reporting. Features include waitlists, discounts, member pricing, custom registration forms, detailed reports, and much more.

Donations Module Demos

The Donations module is a fully feature Donor Management system. Features include multiple website donation forms, automated follow up reminders, customizable confirmation emails, downloadable receipts, metrics reporting and more.

Reports Module Demos

The Reports module supplements other module specific reporting features and provides a flexible custom report builder to segment data within the platform. In addition, usage reporting on downloads, page views, searches and logins are easily available.

Email Module Demos

The Email Module provides robust email messaging to lists of users within the platform. Admins can create email messages manually or from templates and send to segmented lists of contacts. Email metrics are tracked and follow up lists based on metrics can be created.

Documents Module Demos

The Documents module is a robust document management system with a wide range of features. Documents can be admin only or available on web pages via links, search, full text search, or directory browsing.