Nick Gleason works at CitySoft.

While task management functionality may not be everyone's idea of excitement, here at CitySoft HQ, we love it.  And, we've recently launched some spiffy new task management features.  

Automated email reminders

We've added the ability to send automated messages to users when an assigned task is overdue or almost due.  You just set it and forget it.  The software takes care of the rest.  Now, when a user has upcoming or overdue tasks, the system sends them and their supervisor a nicely formatted email.

Pop up reminder screen

Similar to the email reminders, there is a new feature that can display a pop-up window to users who have upcoming or overdue tasks.  Now, when a user logs in the first time, they can be immediately shown a window containing their tasks.

Together, these enhancements help make it easier for users and their managers to keep track of what needs to be done every day.